A Moonshine Recipe & Still You Can Make at Home!

Learn how to make amazing tasting moonshine in the comfort of your own home..

"They Laughed At My Simple Moonshine Stills...Then They Had a Taste!"

Friends! To those who want to make alcohol, but can’t get started, here are two great one hour videos on DVD that show you exactly how to make moonshine!

Easy Method Makes Great Tasting Moonshine

These entertaining and informative DVDs take you through the process from A to Z, explaining and showing in exact detail how it’s done!

Making Moonshine at Home: 2-Volume Set
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Fire your bartender!

You can make your own alcoholic beverages!

Making Moonshine at Home shows you what to buy at your grocery store and hardware store for all the ingredients and equipment to make great tasting moonshine liquor. No fabrication skills required! You can put a simple moonshine still together in 15 minutes! No cutting, metal work, or soldering required. Anyone can do it!

Economical! The cost of the materials, ingredients and these videos combined are a fraction of the cost of ready-made moonshine stills!

Imagine yourself relaxing in your living room, with your favorite beverage and snacks, being entertained and taught everything you need to know.

Forget about sorting through books, articles, and websites trying to make sense of it all...

It's all in these videos in clear, easy to understand step-by-step instructions!

Here’s What Others Have Said About Making Moonshine on DVD:

"Al, thanks so much for producing this video. The instructions were really clear and it was easy to do. I made some real smooth shine on my first try and got another batch on the go…"
-- Eric M. (Kentucky)

"I really enjoyed the DVD and can’t wait to start…"
-- Mark S. (South Carolina)

"Thanks for the DVD. I got it really quick and have watched it a few times already. I like the way you talk…"
-- Thomas B. (Florida)

"Really enjoyed the DVD. Best instructional video i've ever seen. Whiskey is great. Made several times. Really fun hobby. Thanks for the info. PS ordered Vol. 2. Keep It going! I can't figure this out on my own. Thanks!"
-- Chris M. (Kentucky)

Over an hour each of great content, these videos take you from knowing nothing at all about making alcohol, to being able to design your own recipes and moonshine stills.

Making Moonshine at Home: 2-Volume Set
Regularly $59.99

DVD's by Mail - Just $29

Instant Download - Just $19
DVDs by Mail -OR- Instant Download

Don't know a thing about making alcohol?
Read on my friend......

It's not really hard at all.

You ferment a mash that gives you an alcohol concentration of around 12%, and then you distill it to get the proof up. It's been done for centuries!

There are literally thousands of moonshine recipes and methods, and I bet every single one of them is out there on the internet and in libraries.

It's mind boggling!

If you're a novice then where do you begin?

Well you start by knowing and practicing the basics. You learn about safety and potential dangers!

Making Moonshine on DVD is like having your own mentor and teacher right in your living room to explain and demonstrate a simple, basic method of making alcohol!

It starts with a solid hour of valuable information that includes basic theory, a simple easy to make recipe, a really easy to build moonshine still setup, and exactly how to put everything together for great tasting, smooth moonshine.

The beginners moonshine still is an efficient pot design with a water cooled condenser, and it can be built in about 15 minutes with items available at any hardware store!

There isn't anything complicated about it at all. Anyone can do it safely and with great results.. Once you know how!

Making Moonshine at Home: 2-Volume Set
Regularly $59.99

DVD's by Mail - Just $29

Instant Download - Just $19
DVDs by Mail -OR- Instant Download

If you're a novice then spending a lot of money to buy ready made moonshine stills, or building a complicated design will only be a source of frustration for you...

Trust me I know!

If you really don't know what you are doing and why you are doing it you will not achieve very good results and could be subjecting yourself to some danger.

I'm not saying that investing in great equipment is something you shouldn't do, because it is!

When you're ready!

But first you must learn how to get good results and to do it safely. Plus you don't want to invest a lot of money at the beginning.

That's why I produced these videos.

For the cost of these videos, the equipment you will need, and the ingredients for your first batch, you will have spent a fraction of the cost of a ready-made still!

What you will have for your investment is knowledge and understanding and a few liters of great-tasting moonshine!

And you can make more for about $12 a gallon from then on!

Volume One starts you off with an understanding of fermentation and distillation, and gets you started in the hobby by showing you how to make a simple sugar-based wash to distill.

Then it shows how to build a simple moonshine still in fifteen minutes for twenty five dollars without any fabrication skills whatsoever! You are taught exactly how to safely run the equipment for a great tasting product!

The great thing about Volume One is that it is not technical at all! You are given exactly what you need to know, what to buy, and all the how's required for success!

Volume 1 - Making Moonshine at Home

Introduction History of Distilling in clear, easy to understand terms.
Overview Science of Alcohol Production so YOU can understand it.
Materials What you need to buy at the hardware store and supermarket to get started.
The Wash Exact Instructions on how to make and ferment your first safe, and delicious wash.
The Still How to build your still in about fifteen minutes!
The Run Once your wash has fermented, you learn exactly how to run it through the still.
Summary Where to go from here in the art of distilling.
Bonus Material Building the World's Simplest Still with kitchen stuff!

Making Moonshine at Home: 2-Volume Set
Regularly $59.99

DVD's by Mail - Just $29

Instant Download - Just $19
DVDs by Mail -OR- Instant Download

Volume Two takes up where Volume One leaves off.

Here you learn exactly how to build a convertible reflux moonshine still, a gin box and a water jacket condenser, and are given the knowledge for advanced techniques required to make vodka, gin, rum, brandy and whiskey.

You'll learn about specific gravity, ph, enzyme starch conversion and more. You will have the knowledge you need to experiment with your own recipes knowing they will work. You won't ever need to follow a recipe without understanding it completely.

Check out this little clip...you will know the WHY of each step once you watch the DVD!

Volume 2 - Making Moonshine at Home

In Wide Screen!

These DVD videos are professionally printed and glass-mastered - not cheaply burned on a PC. Yet, they aren't slick. You're getting a down to earth real person showing you real valuable information.

You'll be proud to have them in your library!

Making Moonshine at Home: 2-Volume Set
Regularly $59.99

DVD's by Mail - Just $29

Instant Download - Just $19
DVDs by Mail -OR- Instant Download

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