Moonshine With Blue Tint: Should You Be Worried?

moonshine-2Have you noticed one or more batches of moonshine coming out of the still with a blueish tint? It’s no secret that moonshine should be crystal clear with no impurities. This is why seasoned moonshiners distill their beverage multiple times to help purify its contents. When the moonshine comes out with a blueish tint, though, you may naturally be concerned about what’s causing the color change. In this post, we’re going to reveal what causes this phenomenon and whether or not it’s safe to drink.

Copper Stills and Blue Moonshine

Copper is the material of choice for moonshine stills. Nearly every experienced moonshiner uses copper for their pot stills. Not only is it easy to find, but copper is also resistant to contamination and possesses high heat transfer properties. However, copper may also result in moonshine coming out with a bluish tint if it’s not used correctly.

So, why do copper stills lead to a blue-colored batch of moonshine? While it may not happen all the time, moonshiners with copper stills may experience a blue batch every once in a while. Basically, this is caused by the alcohol vapor corroding the copper metal. As the copper is literally eaten away, fragments transfer into the moonshine batch, which ultimately gives it a bluish tint.

It’s important to note that moonshine made with fruit is more likely to turn out blue. The highly acidic content of the fruit juice works to corrode the copper pipes faster than normal. If you frequently experience blue batches of moonshine, avoid using fruit in your mash.

Can I Drink Blue-Colored Moonshine?

I’m sure some people have drank blue-colored moonshine without experiencing any ill side effects, but this is something you should try to avoid. To be on the safe side, avoid drinking any blue moonshine that comes out of your still. I know this is hard for some people to do, but you should pour out your blue moonshine and toss the used mash or wort. The copper residue and chemicals causing the blue color are likely tainting these ingredients as well. Throw it out and start from scratch just to be on the safe side.

Cleaning your still both before and after a batch will reduce the chance of blue-colored moonshine. Run some fresh spring water through your still and scrub it down with a sponge and baking soda. This should help to remove any loose material and impurities on the pipes.

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